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Firespawn – Shadow Realms

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Century Media describes this album as “Supreme Satanic death metal for worshippers of early Morbid Angel, Dissection or Behemoth”. This description raised my expectations even higher than they were, when I heard the first rumours about a new band featuring members of Entombed AD (LG Petrov, Victor Brandt) and Necrophobic (Fredrik Folkare, A. Impaler) along with Matte Modin (ex-Defleshed). I must admit that, as soon as I heard the first riff on the first song (and when I saw the amazing cover art), my expectations were somehow met. The opening with this incredible guitar work giving way to a very powerful first riff made me believe I was starting to listen to a soon-to-be classic. But, the problem with high expectations is you get easily disappointed and the rest of the album is far from the power demonstrated with the opening track. And, even after a few listens, I still struggle to find the similarities with early Morbid Angel, Dissection or Behemoth. Don’t get me wrong, though: “Shadow Realms” has very great moments and is indeed a collection of several good songs, but far from great, which makes it a good album but one that could be better, considering the group of talented musicians we’re dealing with. The label would’ve made a better job by describing this album as something closer to the sound of Entombed AD. (Antonio)

Century Media

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