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Finnugor – Darkness Needs Us

finnugor – darkness needs us

Finnugor is a black metal band originating from Hungary and is based around Gabriel Wolf and Tomi Kalliola (Azaghal and Hin Onde). Their style can be best described as symphonic black metal with folkish elements. Sofar a short overview from the bio. On with the music. “Darkness Needs Us” is a very pretentious title, but if you can live up to this their is no problem. More on this later.

Symphonic black metal is indeed what you get, with every once and a while a folkish element. Pompeus arrangements with a very prominent role for the synths make out the symphonic and folkish part. No less then 10 guests make their appearance on this release, among them Attila Cshiar (-ex Mayhem) and Sture Dingsoyr (Windir). So you should expect a great black metal release. But it never really sticks out above mediocricy. Sure, the guest musicians all deliver their best, the compositions are actually good (symphonically) and the folk elements deliver diversity. What this release doesn’t have is enough “metal”. The synths are way too prominent and despite all guest vocals, these vocals could have been done by one and the same. Productionwise it can be called good, but does this add to the atmosphere? Not here, cause it’s too clean and there are no rough edges left. Maybe “black metal musical” is what best describes this release. So does Darkness needs them? If you’re into Dimmu Borgir or other well produced synth black metal maybe it does. Otherwise, let this one go by. (JefferyVDK)