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Finis – Visions of Doom [EP]

finis – visions of doom [ep]

Germany’s Finis released a demo called “At One with Nothing” prior to this EP but the Black / Death Metal on it got them signed by Iron Bonehead Productions. And like many in the scene nowadays, the 3 individuals within the cult remain unknown and there seems no digital trail whatsoever. Or maybe I just don’t care about the motives behind the anonymity any more and stop the research as it happens quite a lot lately.

As said listeners of Finis are dealing with Black / Death Metal when they listen to “Visions of Doom”, the primitive kind…the doomed kind as the music is meant to be a mental vessel to reach you to the ultimate end…And they try to accomplish this with a lingering atmosphere and different “tools”, be it the Mayhem’s “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” sounding bass during the title track or the constant and repeating rhythm and marching drums within the closing “Fosforos”. Sure, the oppressive and gnawing vibe is there but not quite at the spot…if you know what I mean. (Ricardo)