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Faustus – Lipsia [EP]

faustus – lipsia [ep]

Although recorded back in 2004, after the recording and release of the “Symphony Disaster” demo, it took 15 years before Careless Records picked up this EP and released it. The origin of Faustus lies in Kyrgyzstan back in 2000, where both Asbath and Resurgemus were expressing their fondness for the dark art in many ways.

Faustus being one, but both are also long-time member of Darkestrah. Where the mighty Darkestrah has a far more epic combined with folk approach, Faustus is 100% Darkthrone / Judas Iscariot rawness and dark atmosphere with the tremolo riffing you can expect with such influences.

Nothing special within the specific style, but definitely Black Metal done right without any doubt. (Ricardo)