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Famishgod – Devourers of Light

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While almost everybody is talkin’ about Rogga Johansson, they simply forget Dave Rotten. Besides releasing a bunch of albums as El Presidente of Xtreem Music, he also has quite some bands and projects to give attention to. It’s only a matter of time that you will hear his voice being a co-commentator during a football-match, or you will hear him through your navigation system in the car or being the voice of Consuela of Family Guy. Just saying he is awfully busy lately. Famishgod is all about slow and gloomy Funeral Doom/Death, so the ultralow guttural vokkils of Dave Rotten fits perfectly. When it speeds a bit up, it’s a fuckin’ slow version of the Mortician’s slow parts of without the drum computer going wild. It’s dark, depressing, massive and monotonous. Fans of the genre should give it a listen. (Ricardo)