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Faal – Desolate Grief

faal – desolate grief

It has been six years since the last full length offering of Dutch Doom piece Faal. But what else can I say then that this crushing 43 minutes of material is completely worth the wait. Faal, now on label with Ván Records, once again deliver crushing doom riffs and drums with a combination of death/black and even post-rock. After a short intro you are thrown right into the abyss with the 10 minute song “Grief”. Pounding drums and a more classic doom riff mark the song while nasty, harsh, death metal like vocals wash over you. Continuing to pound you deeper in the ground. In the next song, “No Silence”, the more melodic side of Faal begins to shine through, not taking back in aggression though. The only breather on this album is the short intro of the song “Evoking Emotions”. After which you are again bashed with powerful death/doom. All in All this is a great example on how to combine doom with powerful death/black and post-rock elements. Death and black being found back in the vocals and post-rock clearly heard in the melodies. Absolutely beautiful album that reminded me personally of the two October Tide albums “Rain Without End” and “Tunnel of No Light”. Though Faal is slower I was simply struck by how well they combine different elements to make one solid whole. An huge recommendation for fans of all kinds of Death/Doom bands like October Tide, Novembers Doom and early Katatonia. (Svart)