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Exxxekutioner – Death Sentence

exxxekutioner – death sentence

Full Speed Ahead!! Yep, Exxxecutioner (based in the UK) have released their first full-length album…well, perhaps full-length is a big word, cause this disc only lasts for 24 minutes. And no, I don’t mean that in a bad way, cause this release is one where the repeat-button peels of on your music installation. At least that’s the case in my situation…I’m a fan of the old days, and when this kind of fast Thrash Metal with splendid vocals crawls into my ears, I’m unstoppable!

Let’s begin with track “Sacrilegious”: that should have been the intro dudes, cause nothing specials (some screams or so)  is audible – bit strange to put such track in the middle of such short release in my opinion! And logically then track “Necromancy” should be the second track on this release because of its great overlap. It sounds more darker and grim, while the other tracks are executed more in the speedy thrash type. Don’t get me wrong, the instrumental parts on “Necromancy” are also driven by fuel, but overall seen those both tracks I’ve mentioned or the outsiders on this disc. All other tracks are a perfect blend of speed and  thrash, with a high punky attitude. Also a lot of melody is being used, therefore you surely have to check out tracks ‘Beyond the Grave’ and ‘Black Witchery’. But the highlight on this release for me is: “Desekrator”, cause this is plain head banging material.

Fans of old school underground Thrash Metal combined with speed and melody – don’t hesitate, but listen to these kids! The future sounds bright – only they’ve got to learn to put their tracks in the right order, ha! (Fredde)