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Evil Invaders – Evil Invaders [EP]

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This Belgian band started making music in the year 2007 in a town called Mol @Belgium. With only one demo on their bill, now in 2013 their first EP is self-released and only the vinyl version is distributed on the Empire Records label.. After searching for some additional info about the band I’ve only noticed that their style of music is found in the speed metal genre. And let that now happen to be one of my old-time favorite genres in the metal scene… unfortunately, not one single band was able to convince me that the golden time with bands as Helloween (during their first years), Abattoir and Agent Steel (also their early years) could ever return or be equaled. Well, after listening to this EP from these Belgians I felt young again, because they did what no band has done since now in my opinion! The reincarnation of speed metal from the early 80’s!! The vocals are very high, even a little more pure then the voice from John Syriis (I refer to the album “Unstoppable Force” from Agent Steel), the tempo is blistering, the album cover from “Evil Invaders” is the reflection of the old school speed metal style, and hell, I just can’t get enough of this record. Even the looks from the band members refers to the 80’s… If you like fast guitar play and solo’s, up tempo drums, a very high voice and the feeling of real speed metal this is a must have in your collection! Well, this EP is very strong and I can’t wait until they write new material to create a full-length album. Evil Invaders is pure gold, you can count on that!! (Fredde)