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Eruptive – Cerebral Rottenness [Demo]

eruptive – cerebral rottenness [demo]

Now and then you stumble across a band, were you’ve got this immediate connection with. Eruptive is such a band. That thick Swedish sound, the straightforward catchiness, those grooves able to displace tectonic plates, oh yes my dear readers, they titillate my little sweet spot. Not exactly the way my lovely wife does, with the boney side of her kneecap, but in the way Traumatic, Entombed and Repugnant did back in the days, that tingling feeling in the back of your neck when that massive buzzsaw sound came rolling out of your stereo system and the only logic thing to do was to turn the volume up to eleven.

Lady Nadia ruckles up the grunts, Lady Gaby mistreats the bass and then there are three ugly male members doing something vague. Together they have created “Cerebral Rottenness” and it has become a damn fine piece of work my faithful parishioners. “Alternate Reality” starts a little wobbly with some faltering double bassrolls yet after two minutes Eruptive picks up the pace like an old diesel and we are off. Worth mentioning are the few subtle synth details. “Abominations on the peak” kicks in the door pretty violently with a nutcrushing midpaced tempo, smoothly switching between blasts and grooves. The titletrack is a groovy and fascinating son of a bitch, a headknodder, a lethal hipshaker.

Yes my friends, “Cerebral Rottenness” has been digitalized by Vomit Of Hell Records and they score pretty high on my “sweet spot” list. If, my dear readers and followers, you feel the untenable urge to notify me where your sweet spot is located, then please…don’t. (Franki_boj)