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Eroded – Necropath

eroded – necropath

One of Italy`s finest Death Metal bands is back with their 2nd album “Necropath”. I still remember when Nicola gave me the 2 demos in 2007 at the Party.San Open Air. I simply became addicted to their sound. Eroded continue their (necro)path where they ended with “Engravings of a Gruesome Epitaph”. Swedish induced metal of death, with crust, skank, back beats and crawling morbid riffing from the graves of mankind. In your guts, on your bones, chawing, feasting and squashing bowls. This is killer once again, alternating easily between swampy grooves and furious rotten chainsaw massacres. Grave, Mordicus, Autopsy, Nirvana 2002, take what you want, there are enough comparisons that could be made but in the end it’s Eroded. The production is perfect for their sound when we speak of the guitar tone. Ghastly vocals from beyond, rumbling grave shaking bass and drums disturbing your ears. Who needs new formulas if the old ones work when done so well? Sick shit…love it…Buy it. (DPF)