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Entrench – Violent Procreation

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In November 2014 the second full length album titled ‘Violent Procreation’ was released by Swedish thrash band Entrench. Their debut album had a more old Kreator style, while now in my opinion a more death vibe is added to the thrash sound, especially when listening to the voice of Fredrik Pellbrink. From the start of opening track ‘One With Agony’ these guys push in the accelerator to only slow down sporadic, to give their feet one moment of rest, and to push it to the maximum again! What a blistering speed these Swedish provide. The nine tracks pass by without warning and I’d immediately had the urge to push the repeat button. Hell yeah, the production sounds raw, but the sound of the instruments stays intact and make this one a very great album. The guitars on this one are truly awesome and the drums have to do their best to follow that tempo. After the creation of this album, sadly drummer Victor Holmström has passed away, but what he left behind is a real gift towards thrash addicts that like their sound extremely fast so it leans to a more death metal creation! There’s only one thing wherefore they gain less points, and that’s because of the very ugly cover…so next time if you consider such cover artwork, don’t hesitate and draw some boobs or beers instead hehe (Fredde)