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Entrapment – Lamentations of the Flesh

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Oh boy, are you in for a treat? Let’s say that every release of Entrapment is a good one, especially the debut album “The Obscurity Within…” and the last split with the mighty Russian band Pyre are without doubt worth checking out. So when a new Entrapment album will be released I’m all ears! The Old School Death Metal can be described as a putrid mix of The Swedish Scene, the UK Doom/Death scene, the US scene and their own Dutch scene, or fuckin’ cancerous blend of Entombed, Autopsy, Paradise Lost harmonies, Pentacle (vocals (sound as well as vocal-lines) and allow me to let me throw in some Celtic Frost as well. It’s impossible not to grab the influences, but it’s also impossible not to enjoy it. Because of the many pace changes and variations in riffs, makes this 2nd album of Entrapment an interesting and sensational release. (Ricardo)