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Entrails – Raging Death

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Swedish Entrails are releasing their 3th full length since 2010 and the first time by Metal Blade. And like the previous albums, “Raging Death” is filled with cadaverous Swedish Death Metal. No, it still doesn’t bore me one bit! “Raging Death” has no surprises. Swedish Death Metal in the Dismember/Entombed vein, which has a certain Gorefest groove as well (just listen to “Bloodhammer”). As said, no surprised, but very well performed, which is enough for me to keep pushing the repeat button more than once. With the closing track “Cemetary Horrors” Entrails has a huge wink towards the Entombed classick “Left Hand Path”. It is almost a blood stained altar for the second instrumental part of one of the best OSSDM-hymns ever! A nice addition is the “Dark Endless” cover, originally by Marduk, which was on the same titled debut album. As a fan of “Dark Endless” I can only approve this decision! Good choice! Without doubt a solid buy for everyone who is into Old School Death Metal. (Ricardo)