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Entombed A.D. – Back to The Front

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Haven’t you heard? A lot of stuff went on during the last 12 months concerning Entombed. And it has everything…lawyers, classical orchestras, ex-members, new members, old albums, new albums, owning rights, old moniker, new moniker…in 1989, I bet the boys of Entombed never thought they would be involved in this kind of legal cases of the music business. Ah, the sweet memories. Vocalist L-G Petrov continued as Entombed A.D. and kept on going the crusty and roaring Death n’ Roll style of the “Morning Star” and “Inferno” albums in Entombed’s discography. So if you’re expecting a “Clandestine II”, you will be highly disappointed…but why would you expect it in the first place? On “Back to the Front” the variation of the pace is certainly present, from groovy midtempo (“Bedlam Attack”) to a more uptempo d-beat (“Pandemic Rage” and “The Underminer”). After the last seconds I can’t say it is an average album or you won’t be grooving while listening to it in the car, but I need more to be more enthusiastic. (Ricardo)