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Enoid – Négation du corps

enoid – négation du corps

One man Black Metal projects have always been fascinating and quite prolific, creative and a lot of times the “real” Black Metal around. In a solo project you can often look inside the soul of the artist, deep within where dark shadows lie and the fire burns eternal.

Enoid from Switzerland have been discussed already on our zine. Bornyhake did an amazing job once again, delivering interesting landscapes, reflecting the inner core (or void), creating cold misanthropic tunes where light is surrounded by darkness, captured in a harsh and punishing production.

“Négation Du Corpse” is the 8th full length in the 15 years history and a real statement and testament of Black Metal. The cover reflects the 47 minutes long opus in a disturbing but fascinating way. The songs vary in speed and themes, always remaining repetitive in riff progression, Icelandic in a way (no sun shines here), having some Sinmara, Svartidaudi moments as well as an atmosphere somewhere between Mgła and Nehëmah. The latter is probably the closest thing I can think of and cannot give enough credits to them. The music is a mirror of the lyrics and should receive credits as well.

Tearing the soul apart, neglecting the body, it’s suffocating, it’s a tormented mind encapsulated by pitch black emotions and just like “Requiem Tenebrae” by Nehëmah it’s beautiful, melancholic and slaying at the same time.

Fans of the aforementioned bands as well as Striborg, Leviathan and Xasthur should grab this. Strong record, contender for Black Metal album of the year. Merci. (DPF)