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Enoid – Livssyklus & Dodssyklus

enoid – livssyklus & dodssyklus

Active since 1996 and had different names before 2005, Enoid is a black metal warship run by Ormenos, also known for playing in bands like Borgne, Cakewet and many more. He is handling everything by his own and destroys everything that comes along his path. GrimmDistribution and Final Gate Records are now releasing the first 2 albums “Livssyklus” & “Dodssyklus” as a compilation, which results in 1 hour of pure Scandinavian fast blasting furious Black Metal. The use of enchanting leads are some of his best efforts on both records. The riffs are frostbitten icy nails that tear your soul apart. I think black metalists should give it a listen. There are enough dynamics that render the songs as interesting. Good start under the moniker Enoid and one of the more interesting bands from Switzerland. (DPF)