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Engrave – Embalmed Soul

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After the demo “Harvest of Death” (reviewed in issue #3), Ablaze Productions from Mexico (known for their releases of Mandatory, Shub Niggurath, Bone Gnawer, Unaussprechlichen Kulten and so on) send the band a contract with all the details so I could be signed with blood. Be it of themselves….or sacrificing a virgin, could be either a common one or one of the Pokemon hunters you have seen lately. Oh well, the contract has been signed, let’s leave it at that. Engrave is doing something you have read before in this fanzine, the band sold its soul to the one and truly almighty, the HM-2 Boss Pedal. It’s all played, and played very well, in the tradition of Old School Swedish Death Metal. And to include the cherry on the cake, Tomas Skogsberg ans his infamous Sunlight Studios is responsible for the sound, along with Jimmy Lundqvist of Entrails at Bloodshed Studio. When it comes to music, you can always divide the Swedish scene in two parts. Just to make it easy on yourself. The part of Carnage and Dismember which has more melody in their songs, and Grave and Entombed who have more groove in their compositions. Engrave is definitely in the Carnage/Dismember camp and I would like to add a bit of Interment (like on their “Conjuration of the Sepulchral” split with Funebrarum) as well. So you get some leads and well written songs along with the well-known buzz saw sound. Will this make the world stop turning? No, but it’s a fun journey altogether and the most important thing, you won’t mind to play it two times in a row. (Ricardo)