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Encoffined – Cloak of Despondency [EP]

encoffined – cloak of despondency [ep]


Encoffined’s 2021 EP ‘Cloak of Despondency’ has a high energy style that belies the morbid countenance of its name, and instead sounds like mud being flung at high velocity against a wall. Its given a further adrenaline shot of urgency by the angry shouted Hardcore styled vocals which tinge the whole release with a frantic, unbalanced aura! Added to that hellish mix is high octane guitar leads that don’t so much lead, as frog march forward at an unstable rate of knots whilst accompanied by a sonic barrage from the unrelenting drums, and the furious ominous bass rumblings sounding like a hostile, irritated wasps nest getting ready to unleash evil incarnate! And yet, behind all of the energy, hidden within the depths of the raucous punishing riffs and vicious drumming is a thought provoking darkness creeping its way to the surface through engaging lyrics, words that tell the story of being the last person on earth and the mind crippling solitude. ‘Bya Gtor (Scattered by Vultures)’ speaks of the very essence of death whilst the direct, straight up Death/Thrash collision that is ‘Inverted Burial’ has a far bleaker and blasphemous message to bestow! Whilst the end of humanity started the EP, it is bookended by the end of the sun and so all life in ‘From the Valley of Distress’, and so ends an EP of real contrast. A musical style of raw, unbridled aggression and a lyrical style whose range gravitates between bleak, mournful and down right apocalyptic! A very interesting juxtaposition indeed and a great release, one that demands repeated spins! (Marksson)


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