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Ellende – Lebensnehmer

ellende – lebensnehmer

The Austrian based one-man project from L.G. presents its third album “Lebensnehmer”. Ellende delivers a masterpiece of post Black Metal and if you are into bands like Harakiri for the sky, Karg or Anomalie you can pick this LP without a doubt.

“Lebensnehmer” has 7 songs of war-themed doom, misery, and melancholy. The record starts off with a two-minute intro consisting of orchestral strings and brass instruments. This already introduces us to the emotions that we will experience while listening to the album. Little by little, a distorted guitar sets in, the other instruments fade out until the drums and bass guitar join in, marking the start of “Augenblick”. This is the first full-blown Black mMtal track of the record. After about three minutes there is an interlude which creates a whole new atmosphere. After a short pause, the listener is awoken from the day dream that the interlude induced and Ellende comes back with all its Black Metal aggression. This is just an example of the perfectly balanced variety on this awesome record.

In general, “Lebensnehmer” is a tremendous atmospheric Black Metal record that has surely exceeded its predecessors. It expresses a huge spectrum of emotions, from anger over melancholy to sadness. The structure of the album in general is perfectly alternating between the nasty Black Metal parts and the calmer, more melodic and atmospheric sections.

All in all, it makes up for an experience that you won’t forget anytime soon and you want to relive over and over again. Lights some candles, get some tea or wine, and just enjoy this wonderful piece of art. (HaCeBo)