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Elegiac – Archaic Dissonance, Vol​.​1

elegiac – archaic dissonance, vol​.​1

Elegiac, derivated from the word elegy, which means a poem, mostly used as a form of lamentation, is the brainchild of Multi-instrumentalist Zane Young. He’s been active since 2014, releasing an impressive discography of 6 full length albums, EP’s numerous splits, demo’s…you name it.

“Archaic Dissonance” is apparently part 1 of a compilation series of older recorded material which have never been never available on the Compact Disc format before. The compilation contains 11 tracks and clocks out well over an hour.

Music-wise, Elegiac are heavily influenced by the USBM scene of the 1990-ies, when bands such as Krieg, Nachtmystium and Judas Iscariot made head waves. And to some extent the more extreme bands of the second wave of Black Metal.

I would say there is a serious amount of Judas Iscariot influences in both the music and compositions, although the cold and grim nature of that band has been replaced by a more savage approach, genre old Krieg and early Nachtmystium. The drums are hard in the mix, chamber wide guitars are the equivalent of a grinding mill and the screamed vocals are frantic and agonizing. Recording, mixing and production techniques have evolved enormously the last decade, which contributes to a very massive and aggressive sound. It’s great to see that someone still carries the torch of the typical USBM sound of old.

It’s all there…all the ingredients required for this genre. The album also contains a Judas Iscariot cover “From Hateful Visions” and a crushing Emperor cover of “Ancient Queen”. A homage to the old tyrants.

Conclusion: this compilation represents the essence of grim, punishing and icy U.S. Black Metal, although with a slightly modern sound. Fans of the above mentioned bands are in for a treat and it might be interesting to check out Elegiac’s other releases. (LV)