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Ecliptic – As of Yet Unknown

ecliptic – as of yet unknown

Archaic Magazine received the debut full-length from Ecliptic twice on the office, so they are definitely eager to have their album reviewed by us haha. Well, Ecliptic is an American band which started in the year 1999, more precisely in Virginia, and before this debut they already released two demo’s in 2000 (“demo 2000”) and 2007 (“Mysterium Cosmographicum”). They haven’t got a label yet, so all work and distribution is on independent base.

What may you expect from this band? A melodic black metal sound, with the needed screamvocals, sporadic breaks, blastbeats, easier spacers and a lot of melodic rhythms. Too many bands already have used this formula, so don’t expect something innovating or unique. The biggest flaw according to me is the poor production, which means that sometimes you may get stuck on a guitarsolo that sounds rather false than good. But, when this release played it’s last track, I didn’t had a bad feeling about it. I could perfectly listen to this album once again, so if it should sound that bad, then this disc would be dropped somewhere in my room to never return. But, that’s not the point, so something about this debut album has attracted me…

Well, it’s their debut album, so I give this guys extra time to work on their music, and perhaps their second album will be one that can convince me more then “As of Yet Unknown”. (Fredde)