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Drudkh – Кілька рядків архаїчною українською (A Few Lines in Archaic Ukrainian)

drudkh – Кілька рядків архаїчною українською (a few lines in archaic ukrainian)

I think some of you already know my fondness for this Ukrainian entity. A fine league of gentleman who are able to create beautiful nature landscapes in the winter filled with snow and coldness yet with a ray of sunlight or a melancholic rainy day in the forest during Autumn, all in audio form. Top of the league in my book.

“Кілька рядків архаїчною українською” or translated in English; “A Few Lines in Archaic Ukrainian” isn’t a new full-length, but a release with 6 songs which were released on splits the last couple of years. So you will hear Drukdkh’s tracks of the Hades Almighty, the Grift and the Paysage d’Hiver split which were released between 2015 and 2017. And it is quite easy to say Drudkh are sounding like Drudkh on these tracks, with the variation of typical fast atmospheric riffs and slower passages. They won’t surprise you with any new ideas or experiments, they will surprise you for keeping up the quality for so many years now. If you have enjoyed “Борозна обірвалася (A Furrow Cut Short)” and “Їм часто сниться капіж (They Often See Dreams About the Spring)” and don’t have the splits on the shelf…or maybe you do but don’t want to change that often…you can buy this one blindfolded.

Another fine release, this time filled with previously released songs, yet compiled for your pleasure. Drudkh is without any doubt the Bob Ross of audio landscapes. (Ricardo)