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Drawn and Quartered – The One Who Lurks

drawn and quartered – the one who lurks

Drawn and Quartered are well established in the Death Metal scene, having released 6 albums since 1993, they know their duties and have managed to release a new album after 6 years, eagerly awaited by fans. The album starts with groove, slow motion headbanging riffs and drumming, which is powerful and heavy as fuck. The tones are dark and Heb Burke`s voice is as guttural as always. The comparisons to Incantation, Immolation and Morbid Angel are still here, all drawn and quartered the way the bands does it since years now. The focus at the beginning of the record is more on atmosphere and less aggression and fury, something that will increase later on and which is an important factor in my opinion. The band integrates some new morbid melodies into their sound which is a killer addition to the overall brutality and evilness. Simon Dorfman does a good job on drums as he varies between blastbeats, beats in general, not only going for speed, cool fills and accents…everything on a higher level. The entire band seems to be in a good shape. Some effects are layered on the vocals to give it an alien feel, which mostly works in their favor. The song writing is killer as the band knows when to accelerate or break it down. Drawn and Quartered still got it. Great balance between brutality, heaviness and atmosphere. Slight changes, but mostly the same formula…thankfully. Mandatory release to all fans of US-DEATH METAL! (DPF)