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Drawn and Quartered – Feeding Hell’s Furnace

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I admit that I have all Moribund Cult releases of Drawn and Quartered on the shelf, but never really given them a lot of spins. Not that they don’t deserve it, but sometimes certain bands or albums slip through the cracks for no reason. Ah fuck, probably you have one or two of such bands or albums as well. Yeah, I bet you do…After hearing “Feeding Hell’s Furnace” I can’t only blame myself for not having picked their former releases more often. Some great ancient Death Metal in the vein of the New York scene (Incantation / Immolation…2012 is quite the year of NYDM-influenced albums) although these guys are active since 1993, so no “new-band-copy-cat” here. And these guys have some fine leads, just listen to “Lustmörder”. If you like your Death Metal like a triple Espresso, Dark and Massive, you will bang your head on “Feeding Hell’s Furnace”! (Ricardo)