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Dragged into Sunlight – Widowmaker

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The follow up for “Hatred for Mankind” titled “Widowmaker” from the band Dragged into Sunlight born near the river Mersey – Liverpool has been released on Prosthetic Records. Their first full-length was well received by the media and myself, so I was curious if this new one also was a great effort. “Widowmaker” consists of three different parts , all over the ten/eleven minutes. The opener titled “Part I” is a full instrumental track with some samples inserted. This track is build up well to create a special atmosphere where piano and guitars are the main instruments. While the first track doesn’t really gladdens me, the second part/track is much better. It’s gruesome, vivacious and filled with inner anger and the teamwork of different instruments sound like a punching sledge hammer. Yes, this music is dark and the final track has more to come… In “Part III” the vocals are even more sinister and black, varied with screaming vocals that gives you the shivers. The drums are imminent and penetrating in this track, and the sound changes between peaceful arrangements and doomy parts. Also on this last tracks there are some samples to hear. Summarized, “Widowmaker” is in my opinion not as good as their debut full-length, but Dragged into Sunlight again has released a decent effort in the blackened death/doom metal scene. (Fredde)