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Dr. Living Dead! – Crush the Sublime Gods

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The third album from crossover/thrash Dr. Living Dead!, a band from Stockholm-Sweden has been released in February 2015. Since their previous record titled ‘Radioactive Intervention’ some line-up changes happened like the replacement of vocalist Dr. Ape by Dr. Mania and new drummer Dr. Slam who has replaced Dr. Down. In my humble opinion the vocals could use some more depth and energy, but overall seen the music these ‘skeletons’ (they always perform with skeleton masks) sounds pretty nice and you can hear that they use their instruments in the best kind of way. Lot’s of uptempo thrashy riffs are audible and most of the songs have a big influence from the Americans from Suicidal Tendencies. The shift between more paced tracks as for example‘Eternal Darkness of the Fucked Up Mind’ or the more faster ones like the title track and ‘TEAMxDEAD’ brings forth the needed variation that keeps this album interesting. But about that last track I’m sure the opinions will be divided because the vocals are use in an auto-tune version, which isn’t something I stand behind. But as said: if you like crossover with a high thrash attitude, don’t hesitate and give this one a spin in your record player! Fans of Suicidal Tendencies surely will dig this one. (Fredde)