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Domgård – Rót

domgård – rót

Sweden’s Domgård started the way like many bands started back in 1997. In a basement and rehearsing their asses of and although it was a bumpy journey, including some jail time for the same felony Samoth and Faust got convicted for back in 1992, Domgård have a demo, a split and 3 albums under the belt prior to “Rót”.

Their fourth album “Rót” is an expected continuation of their discography, mixing Nordic Black Metal, a bit Burzum-esque even, with the groove you can hear on album like Khold’s “Hundre år gammal” and Satyricon after “Nemesis Devina”. The variation in pace makes sure that the compositions have the right atmosphere, sometimes a bit Bathory like in the Viking-era, which you can witness on a track like Sejdmannens drömmar”.

“Rót”  will not rock your world, but it is without any doubt a very solid and enjoyable release. (Ricardo)