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Dødsferd – The Parasitic Survival of the Human Race [Re-Release]

dødsferd – the parasitic survival of the human race [re-release]

Greek Punk infused Black Metal. I believe that does it, in terms of sound characterization! And they cover The Misfit’s “We are 138”, from the ever amazing “Bullet”!

Other than that, we have 5 tracks of Crust / Black Metal, very appropriate for the situation Greece was living around that moment (2012 riots), going to the point of using actual audio samples from the riots… Fight The Power through Black Metal, UGH!

It’s generic, if you ask me. It’s more Crust than Black, at times, and I actually find most Crust to be very… generic. Yeah! They distil power and anger and rage and hunger for blood ahahahahah and after those 5 tracks, you reach the summit… I am a fan of The Misfits, and I love this recollection of 4 tracks – dare say this is some of their best work, ever – and this is… a speed up version of the original. Meh… (DanielP)