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Dødsfall – Kaosmakt

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Dødsfall is the creation of an individual Ishtar, or simply called Is on this album. Once born in Mexico, he went to Norway, and later Sweden, to settle there. One of his actions in his new home country was to form Dødsfall in 2009. And we are already dealing with the 4th full-length called “Kaosmakt”, which is filled with hymns about Satan worshipping, Darkness and Death. I myself enjoyed the second album, “Inn I Mørkets Kongedømme” which was inspired by the early Second Wave Black Metal (review in our 2nd issue, an excerpt; “If you are into old Gorgoroth, Immortal, early Dimmu Borgir (melody-wise) and like some riffs of Darkthrone’s “Ravishing Grimness”…”). The EP and the 3rd album were slightly different and the same goes for Kaosmakt. An artist would call it evolvement. Certainly, the basic thought is still the aforementioned Second Wave, but it all has more modern sauce over the riffs and compositions. It’s more mid-2000 than mid-1990 sort of speak, which is very understandable as the fondness of the Grieghallen sound evolved into fondness of a clear production. “Kaosmarkt” is recorded in the Sunlight Studio with Devo of Marduk behind the table. Overall not a surprisingly modern sounding Black Metal album, as I don’t hear the grandeur others hear, but I don’t consider this album as a bad one either. (Ricardo)