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Djevelkult – Når Avgrunnen åpnes

djevelkult – når avgrunnen åpnes

Raw Black Metal, a great mixture between first and second wave Black fucking Metal. If this is all you need to know, then go and buy Djevelkult`s new effort „Når Avgrunnen åpnes “. Skank/Blast beats, power chords prolonged, dark haunting melodies, deep rumbling bass, shrieking vocal pestilence, some occasional thrash riffs and Tom G. Warrior “Ugh” included. A great trip into the past, with the bonus that everything is well balanced and audible production wise (great to here that killer bass tone). The Norwegians know their roots and made a step forward with their second album, showing the ability to create an ancient feeling without sounding monotonous and too retro. The artwork made by José Gabriel Alegría is killer and already a favorite for 2018. Fans of Norsk Black Metal, Norwegian and Swedish, should check this one out immediately. It is not new, but it is extremely good done. (DPF)