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Divine Ecstasy – Strange Passions [EP]

divine ecstasy – strange passions [ep]

When linking Black Metal with Sadomasochism, Leather and whips, my first reaction would be “Tsatthoggua!” with Impaled Nazarene as a good second guess. But Divine Ecstasy, with members Flesh, Temptation, Pain and Exxxtazy, do know their way around certain naughty rooms in Detroit USA, as well. The Black Metal is roughly unpolished and the combination of the raw riffs with the raspy vocals and the early-not-“Soulside Journey”-Darkthrone, early Maniac Butcher as well as early Ulver influences, makes this an unpleasant visit to the cellar. But in a good way. Throw in a bit of crust/punk attitude and a fetish leather mask and you have Divine Escstasy! (Ricardo)