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Disrupted – Pure Death

disrupted – pure death

Disrupted, a band from Sweden released their second full-length album “Pure Death”, just a few weeks ago. It’s a super well put together Swedish Death Metal record, so think Entombed, Dismember, etc.

Hard hitting and fast, “Pure Death” isn’t afraid to be too groovy. The guitar is incredibly distorted and sustained, giving a nice crisp tone. Guitar parts in the album are fairly mid-paced most of the time, providing a groove until they are launched into a solo or a technical section. Drums are catchy as hell, throw in fills giving a satisfying punch to the beat. The vocals are a roar throughout the album, not straying far from mid tone but still compelling and energetic through their strained emphasis.

This would be a good listen for somebody who likes OSDM with a slightly thrashy twist. (DanielF)