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Dismember – Indecent and Obscene / Pieces [Re-Release]

dismember – indecent and obscene / pieces [re-release]

Great move from Nuclear Blast, re-releasing this. This album contains the MCD “Pieces” from 1992 and the second full length “Indecent & obscene” from 1993. Well, ofcourse it’s a CD full of killer material, since Dismember IS one of the greatest bands from Sweden. A great opportunity for newcomers in the death metal scene to get in touch with the old Dismember. I hope Nuclear Blast will also re-release the debut album “Like an everflowing stream”, because that’s definitely the best Dismember ever, and my tape is getting rotten from playing it so often. The CD comes as a beautiful digipack. The only disadvantage is that there is practically no info in it, just songtitles and some images from articles about Dismember. Well anyway, all you deathbangers out there, if you don’t have this or your tape or CD is rotten, take your chance and enjoy the classicks such as “Dreaming in red”! (Stijn)