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Disgusted Geist / Medicine Noose – Disgusted Geist / Medicine Noose [Split]

disgusted geist / medicine noose – disgusted geist / medicine noose [split]

Dry Cough Records (in conspiracy with Heavenly Vault and Live Fast Die Recordings) have served up a bone shattering heavy split between Disgusted Geist and Medicine Noose.

Disgusted Geist from California, USA play gritty and slow low-end Death/Doom with a few crust punk influences coming through from time to time. The two tracks “Essence of the Corpse” and “Fucked Up Omniprescence” are both heavy hitters with a mix of crushing mid-tempo Death/Doom interspersed with faster traditional Death Metal riffs. Musically, these two songs are along the lines of Autopsy but with more brutal style vocals. Excellent crushing riffage from Disgusted Geist, I am sure their next release will be a heavy hitter.

Medicine Noose from Germany bring a combination of sludge and crust mixed with Doom Metal. The three tracks “Agoraphobic Issues”, “Septic Shock” and “Reverberate” that are put forth here are absolutely bludgeoning and heavy in sound. There is a feeling of loss and unstable mentality that permeates from these songs, an overall depressive feeling conjured from the muddy riffs and howling screams, not to mention the samples that deal with the agony of substance abuse and mental illness. This one has got the heaviness and spirit to move you.

If you are into slow bone rattling doom and sludge, go pick this split up, both bands are solid and put forth a wall of sonic death that will have even the heads of the long dead banging in their eternal slumber. (Ted Gloom)