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Disfigured By Hatred – Raw Death Metal [Demo]

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Remember those old ZX Spectrum cassette tape players we all used back in the 80’s? When you start listening to the Disfigured By Hatred demo, that’s the very first thing that comes to mind, really. Someone pressed the record button of the player and held it, while the band was rehearsing. If that’s the case, I’m glad they did it. If not, I’m glad they could reproduce the feeling we all had back in the day where recording your own band’s demo at your parent’s garage HAD to be done in a similar way. It sure brought back some good memories, even if this wasn’t their original intention (the band claims this demo was recorded in a filthy bathroom after a massacre, which is probably right…). The title was so accordingly chosen! This is death metal as raw as you can get, which also fits perfectly on their lyrical themes (homicides, serial killers, violence). Do you need anything more? The band is active since 2014 and has already appeared in three compilations: “Hell Metal Heads 3”, “Coletânea Abissäl” and “Satanic Serial Killers”. Their first demo was released in the beginning of 2016 and contains 6 tracks (well… four tracks, considering the intro and outro has no real music in it, just pure evil sounds), one of which is an Entombed cover (“Carnal Leftovers”). Recommended for everyone who enjoy dirty, raw and primitive death metal with no production at all. (Antonio)