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Diocletian – Gesundrian

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If you are on a vicious killing spree on a battlefield, which album will accompany you? Bolt Thrower’s “Warmaster” or “IVth Crusade” you say? Well, can’t argue with you there…but let’s say you only have a Halberd as a weapon. Still Bolt Thrower…alright, throw me a fuckin’ bone here! I’m trying to promote Diocletian! The doomed Black/Death metal of this band from New Zealand is as dark as it is blunt. Not strange when you name yourself after a bloody Persecution during the Roman Empire-era. Some of you will probably already know the “Total War – Total Death” reputation of Diocletian, as they already have some full-lengths, EPs and splits in their discography. When you are into a mix of the Canadian Exxxtreme Metal (Revenge, Blasphemy, Conquerer), USA Exxtreme Metal (Morbid Angel, Angelcorpse) and the Exxxtreme Metal from Down Under (Sadistik Exekution), you must give Diocletian a spin or two in your musical device, be it “War of All Against All” or this album, you will do yourself a big favor. (Ricardo)