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Dies Ater – Through Weird Woods

dies ater – through weird woods

Black metal from Germany! This is their second album after releasing “Reign of tempests” in 1998 according to their bio. Anyway, it’s my first acquaintance with this band and it’s a very pleasant one. This is a band for both black metal fans, so for the raging old-style black metal and the newer atmospheric black metal.

The reason for this is quite simple: although Dies Ater have a full-time keyboardist, he doesn’t play all the time along with the music. But I must say that his parts are cool, the first keyboards-piece in “Infected night” really remind me of fucking Master’s Hammer! The songs have a lot of variation pace-wise and Nuntius also speaks some low passages sometimes. The production is good, very well-balanced. Some songs to check out are “Scorned herione”, “Wintersturm”, “Through weird woods” and the afor mentioned killer-track “Infected night”. If you like some majestic black metal without too much keys and with a raw edge, Dies Ater is the band to check out! (Ron)