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Diabolical Imperium – The Sacred Lie

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Although Diabolical Imperium is being active since 1997, the “The Sacred Lie” album is only the second full-length of these Germans as there was a lot of inactivity between 1999 (the year they released their debut “Oktagramm”) and 2007, when they released a new demo. “The Sacred Lie” is filled with mid- and end-1990s US Death Metal with references towards acts like Monstrosity (leads and riffs, reminds me of “In Dark Purity)), Deicide (riffs, the dual vocals (growl and scream)) and Malevolent Creation (riffs and pace changes). The Monstrosity link is certainly present when you hear the starting riff on “Seal of Blasphemy”, also a track who has a melodic middle part. Although I like the fact that Diabolical Imperium tries a different kind of Death Metal instead of the more common Autopsy influenced kind you hear nowadays. But I do think “The Sacred Lie” is nothing more and nothing less than an above average album, nothing really wrong with it, just not that interesting enough to push the repeat button. (Ricardo)