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Devil’s Poison – Rehearsal 2019 [Demo]

devil’s poison – rehearsal 2019 [demo]

Devil’s Poison from Chile is what you can call, textbook Blackened Thrash Metal with an old school attitude. A three-member-combo with the ideal son-in-law names like War & Hell, The Usurper and Black Goat Sodomizer, running around with bullet belts and leather, screaming “Satan” towards everyone in their way and releasing pure poetry with titles like “Alcoholixxx Ritual of Blood, Violence and Lust for Teenagerslutfuckers”. Yep, textbook…

Easy to mention Abigail, Barbatos, Gehennah, Venom and so on but it is what it is. Pure sloppy violence with suiting production with a banging fist and gangshouts melted in audio and you can’t convince me you expect something else when you read the bands I mentioned or song titles like “Street Metal Attack” and “Satanic Beer Drinkers”. If so, Devil’s Poison has a special song on this rehearsal for you as well…” Fuck You All”. (Ricardo)