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Destruction – Bestial Invasion of Hell [Demo, Re-Release]

destruction – bestial invasion of hell [demo, re-release]

I don’t think I need to introduce one of the Teutonic Thrash giants, do I? After Floga Records re-released the “Bestial Invasion of Hell” demo on 12” vinyl, VIC Records decided to re-release it on CD. The one and only demo prior to the mighty “Sentence of Death” EP and “Infernal Overkill” debut album.

This demo got remastered by Patrick Engel (known for more remastering jobs, like re-releases of Asphyx, Gorement, Agent Steel, Grave, Dream Death and many more) and sounds quite good for a demo once recorded in 1984, although the charm of the sloppiness of the then-youngsters is still present. If you are a sucker for nostalgia, extensive liner notes by the original band members as well as Frank Stöver of the almighty Voices from The Darkside zine, the old German Thrash scene in general and anthems like “Mad Butcher” and “Total Desaster”, you shouldn’t hesitate to get this one in your collection. (Ricardo)