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Denial [MEX] – Obsequies of the Immemorial

denial [mex] – obsequies of the immemorial

One of Mexico’s strongest bands are back with a compilation called “Obsequies of the Immemorial”. Included are the EPs “Immense Carnage Vortex”, “11°22​.​4’N 142°35​.​5’E”, some other unreleased material including cover versions and livetracks. To those who didn`t had the chance to grab those gems now you can have it all on one album, except for the debut album which would have been nice. Denial play a very Finnish/Swedish style of death metal with down tuned guitars (Rippikoulu and the likes), tempos from slow mo bangers to ultrafast blast orgies.  all with an eerie tone. Shredding some wierd, dark Lovecraftian tones reminiscent from bands like Demigod, Funebrarum and some others. The production varies from release to release but is great on every aspect. The covers from bands like Dream Death or Cenotaph are killer, you won’t miss them. This is a great and makes me curious to know If the upcoming album (yes, a new one will be out this year) will be on par with the rest of their makings. Great compilation which I recommend (even If the debut is missing) and  Death metal lunatics should grab this. (DPF)