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Demored – Sickening Dreams

demored – sickening dreams

The ending of their the review on their previous EP ended with “Traditional, strong and solid roots…”. With “Sickening Dreams” our German friends didn’t change a bit when it comes to their approach of Old School Death Metal and that’s the way I like it. But did the riffs change? Did the sound change?

The Hypocrisy link is still present for sure, so that hasn’t changed. I do have to say they have drawn new inspiration on “Sickening Dreams” as I hear typical God Dethroned and even Amon Amarth riffs in their music, especially when you hear a track like “Drenched in Dysphoria”. Don’t worry, when I recognize Amon Amarth, it sounds like their “Once Sent from the Golden Hall” or The Avenger” albums, not what they are doing now. But it brings variation in a well done way. After the “Drenched in Dysphoria” track you will hear “One With The Dead” and the title track which has a Morbid Angel groove in the riffs. Without any doubt is “Sickening Dreams” a 100% Old School Death Metal album, but it is variated as well, creating tracks influenced by different sounds within the Death Metal realm. And a very good album needs very good artwork, and that’s the moment Juanjo Castellano steps in with his illustrations to create something top notch.

Old School Death Metal fanatic? I have a nice tip for you… (Ricardo)