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Defunto – Demo [Demo]

defunto – demo [demo]

A noxious little demo coming out of Costa Rica that has already seen the light of day via two separate tape releases. Firstly by Costa Rican label Psychogrind Records (Limited to 100 copies) and then by Brazilian label Angel of Cemetery Records. (Limited to just 50 copies) I’m not surprised either as these Costa Rican Death/Doom miscreants have a sound that oozes with malodorous underground potential. Filthy sounding production leads to the Satanic vocal growls and monolithic guitar leads dominating the overall sound, whilst the throbbing rumble of bass and the clash of symbols add to the demo’s malevolent aura. Featuring just the two tracks, ‘Synodus Horrenda’ and ‘Homini’, this demo never the less offers up eighteen minutes of crawling, barbaric Death/Doom that radiates malice and vitriol throughout, as well as having a true early 90’s Black Metal vibe about the intense, lo-fi atmosphere the band create. A snarling monster of a demo, pugnacious, grimy and bleak! (Luke Hayhurst)