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Decomposed – Decomposed

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The Old School SweDeath scene is booming like hell! I don’t complain though, as long quality prevails. Still, I would like to see a better dividing of the two styles you hear nowadays: The first 2 albums of Dismember (a good mix of brutality and melody) vs. SweDeath combined with Autopsy. To many bands are going with the Autopsy style, if you ask me. But these are just my two cents and not really meant as a complaint, as bands like Decomposed are really delivering the AutopsiedSweDeath style very well, with the track “Ceremonial Slaughter” as a pure highlight because of the returning main riff. The growl of Jesper Ekstål is as filthy as the rumours about Chris Reiftert not taking bath for a year during a tour in the 1990s. As musical influence I would rather name the more doomy part of the Swedish scene: God Macabre. The best you can do is listen to the album and then look at photos of the band. It’s a collection of young Deathbangers indeed, which makes me want to give them an extra pad on the back to congratulate them with this nice effort. At the end the small remark that all tracks of the “Stench of Death” demo from 2011, is included on their debut as well. Support these guys and while you’re at it, support this fine underground label as well! (Ricardo)