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Deceitome – Death is called Ethos

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Estonia is not a country I got in mind when thinking of some death metal in first place, but Deceitome will help to change that. „Death is called Ethos“ is a monster of a debut album. A perfect example of Stockholm death metal, the guitar sound is there, the drums are crushing heavy, the bass adds a lot of punch and low end and vocals are ferocious. Van Drunen seems to have joined Interment/Dismember to do some Swedish death metal, that`s what comes to mind. Every instrument has enough space, even for some cool bass solos(or accompanied by the drums) here and there. They got tons of groove, melodies the Dismember way and are capable to write songs with dark and gloomy atmosphere, catchy while still brutal. Paolo Girardi added his talents for the artwork to make a great overall impression for this debut. Great death metal! Truly a late highlight of 2016. (DPF)