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Decapitated Christ – Arcane Impurity Ceremonies

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The fourth album of Decapitated Christ, and the first one without a real cover, after albums with a Deicide, Morbid Angel or Obituary-cover…but let’s get back on that later. After the release of “The Perishing Empire of Lies”, only just a year ago by Metal Inquisition Records, F.D.A. Rekotz signed the band from Barcelona, Spain. Or as they called it themselves: Warcelona. They see Decapitated Christ as a revolt against trendy, money-focused, so called “new” and “modern” metal. Nothing wrong to have such a healthy passion towards the underground or Metal in general. For the ones who doesn’t know these Spanish horde, they play Old School Death Metal and are highly influenced by Bolt Thrower. Sure, when the intro ends of “Human-Eating Herd of the Damned”, you hear a Morbid Angel-like opening riff like on “Formulas Fatal to the Flesh” or an Immolation part here and there. But mostly it’s Bolt Thrower worshipping on “Arcane Impurity Ceremonies”. So if you’re expecting something innovating or “outside the box”-thinking within the empire of extreme metal, you’re will be bloody disappointed when you push “play”. Their sympathy towards the warmachine from the UK can be heard on “When War Brings Glory (Cenotaph 666)”, what’s in a name…a true homage and certainly well played. It’s not an amazing album, but it is still a fine listen. (Ricardo)