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Deathless Void – Deathless Void [EP]

deathless void – deathless void [ep]

The self titled debut EP from Amsterdam Blackened Death Metal 3 piece Deathless Void is due for release on 4/2/22.

Setting the scene with a lumbering void of dread and despair is opening track, “Ignis Fatuus”, giving you half a chance to strap yourself in, noise and drones create uneasy anticipation before next track, “The shattered realms of man” begins.  Here “Deathless Void” blast you in the face with a wall of sound so powerful your folded into the experience of ferocity as if a natural disaster has occurred inside your speakers. You have no choice but to listen. At the 1.50min mark we get Dissection style tempo change, Blackened death for the connoisseur. Pure darkness.

This only seems to improve into the final track, “Crossing the Threshold”, Insane, manic drumming foreshadows the absolute destruction that continues, with tremolo riffage and death like screams that dissipate into a void of nothingness. A 3 piece creating this kind of insanity gets major respect. Great Artwork from “Karmazid” too. I will need to check more of their work also as it’s a clean\crisp accompaniment for the soundtrack provided.

“Deathless Void” have definitely grabs my attention here. 3 songs, 3 major voids. That works! (Skye_Dogg)