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Death. Void. Terror. – To the Great Monolith

death. void. terror. – to the great monolith

As I have said in some of my previous writings, metal started to evolve into something more than just blast beats and guitar shredding combined with guttural vocals (as the untrained ear usually perceives it). It is turning into a more subconsciousness altering music, or as the Death. Void. Terror. describe their debut album ‘The purest expression is derived from the seed planted by exposure to the Great Monolith. Such Exposure requires relentless concentration of the practitioner to withstand its force, while simultaneously being able to remain disengaged from the immediate surroundings.’ The entity claim to be a vessel for the Great Monolith, the true finality. While the members of this entity remain unknown, it is known that they are a part of Hellvetic Underground Comitee, a young swiss collective, dedicated to the advancement of grotesque, vile, depraved and putrid audio torment. Other bands taking part of this are Dakhma, Ungfell and Lykhaeon, to name just a few.

But, for those of who are not fluent in philosophy and merely listen to the music we find good, this is an interesting trip into a combination of Black and Doom metal with hints of dark Ambient and even Drone. While being dissonant, it is also very intense and dense, enriched with screams. A very challenging release, definitely worth your time, when you prepare yourself for it. (Black Mary)