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Dead Head – Kill Division [Re-Release]

dead head – kill division [re-release]

Thraaaaaasshhhhh!! Originally released by Cold Blood Industries, the label of God Dethroned’s Henri Sattler, back in 1999, the album itself received quite some positive feedback because most of the established names in Thrash or Thrash-related were kickin’ the gear back, were experimenting with other styles or just didn’t exist any more. But not only that, as Dead Head just delivers pure quality and kept the fierceness in the riffs and tempo, but to be honest, when these guys are together concerning Dead Head, they don’t know any other way.

Kreator was in their “Outcast” and “Endorama”-era…Anthrax, Slayer, Megadeth, Nuclear Assault…Destruction with their least successful album. And the list goes on.

And then there was Dead Head! After six years of silence when their second album “Dream Deceiver” came, out, the “Kill Division” album was almost a gift for the old school Thrashers who were yearning for pure aggression. Mind you, there was a certain revival with Hypnosia’s “Extreme Hatred”, but that album came out a year after.

Tom van Dijk’s hostile screams, the howling guitar solos, the galloping riffs, the versatile drumming of Hans Spijker…I mean tracks like “Wings on Fire”, “Six” and “Mahler” are still fuckin’ bonecrushin’ Thrash songs and haven’t lost a microprocent of its brutality.

I can’t say it enough to you, Dead Head is something special and definitely one of those acts that doesn’t get the credits they deserve. (Ricardo)