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Dead End – Reborn from the Ancient Grave

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The last couple of years, more bands who have released a demo in the early 1990’s, reformed. First a couple of gigs filled with old material on the set, but after a while the subject “new music” has been brought to the table. Same happened with Dead End from The Netherlands. They had, as still have, a good reputation because of their 2 demos (“Tales” and “Purity”) and their EP “Wartime in Eden”) in 1988-1993. Indeed, the same era Gorefest, Celestial Season, The Gathering, Sinister and more started to gain popularity. Unfortunately Dead End missed the appointment with Dr. Success and a split was imminent in 1993. After reformation in 2014 by Alwin Roes, the only original member, it was quite clear new music should be written. “Reborn from the Ancient Grave” is without doubt a nice comeback album, filled with recognizable 1990s Death/Doom with a Gothic touch in some tracks (you probably understand what I mean, also typical 1990s, only without female vocals). Namedropping? Alright, you get the usual suspects like Paradise Lost, Anathema, My Dying Bride and Candlemass at some points. The atmosphere is dark, in a 1990s UK way. But also very clear, thanks to the sound productions. Well, it’s quite obvious actually. A 2016 release of an early 1990s Death/Doom release, with an emphasis on the “Death” part which is straightforward and some Gothic ideas, before angelic vocals became a part of it. If you are looking for new music in this style, be sure to give Dead End a listen. (Ricardo)